Recovery Assistance

Whether you’re a small entity or large corporation, we’re here to help!

Our Mission

In response to the negative financial impact the local economy is facing due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Sawyer County/Lac Courte Oreilles Economic Development Corporation has created the Economic Recovery Response Team. Their mission is to help local businesses navigate these uncertain times, understand what programs are available and aid in the application process so our communities in Sawyer County can thrive once again.

Meet Your Team

James Netz

Economic Research Administrator

James cherishes his long history of family ties in the area, along with his home nestled in the Chequamegon National forest for 20 years.  He enjoy’s the diversity of the natural beauty, wildlife, and business environment in the Hayward area.

James relies on his extensive project management, technical, and entrepreneurial experience in both large corporations and small businesses to succeed with his own business located in Downtown Hayward for over 10 years. James currently serves as board president of the the recently formed Downtown Hayward BID.

Mike Gardner

Economic Research Specialist

Mike is a resident of the Town of Hunter with a successful career serving local / tribal governments, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

Mike has a working knowledge of evolving state and federal programs created to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and, as a small business owner, he understands the importance of innovation and the value of meaningful connections.

Karina Thompson

Marketing Admin Specialist

Born and raised in Hayward, with strong family ties to the local resort and fishing industries, she can’t think of a better place to call home. Karina loves everything Sawyer County has to offer; unique local businesses, world-class outdoor adventures, diverse ecosystems, and a strong appreciation for the arts.

Her unwavering work ethic, problem solving skills, creative mind and dedication to improving the local communities has helped transform her from the new kid on the block to an A-Z marketer, capable of handling just about anything that comes her way.

First Steps to Prosperity

The information pouring out onto the World Wide Web from the national and local news sources and government and private entities are meant to provide guidance and hope for large and small businesses alike. Unfortunately, it can become overwhelming to determine what programs will be most impactful for your business. That’s where our team comes in. Here’s what we recommend to get started with recovery:

What to do first if you think you need help with recovery:

  • Schedule a conference call with the Economic Recovery Response Team to discuss up-to-date options tailored to your situation. Email us at today!
  • Communicate with your financial institution(s) to discuss any short-term cash flow challenges. Contact your local bank, credit card companies, landlord(s), etc. to begin discussing your current situation, available loans, how you might be able to defer payments, lower interest payments, etc. Any thing at this point helps.

How to prepare for recovery:

  • Get your financials together immediately and understand them.
  • Document any losses you’ve incurred thus far.
  • Stay up to date with us via this website and on social media.
  • Keep yourself healthy, both physically and mentally. Regular exercising, meditation and deep breathing can help lower stress levels, but sometimes picking up the phone and simply calling your closest friend or loved one is just as impactful.

Panic loves company. And yet calm is our practical, efficient, rational alternative. 

Seth Godin

Recovery & Success Podcast Series

Learn from and connect with local experts, entrepreneurs and managers about what’s new in the economy and how you can make the most of the current situation.