Comprehensive Report is Here!

NWRPC has taken the raw input from our Placemaking-Hayward meetings and compiled the information into a full report. Download the pdf here to review the work that has been accomplished this year and the focus for future projects!

Follow Up Workshop – Held July 18th, 2019

Our Next Steps

This Placemaking Workshop was used to identify our next steps in making Hayward an even better city to live, visit, work, and play. Attendees reviewed and fine-tuned community ideas from the May 14th Placemaking Event. Priorities and timelines were identified for our placemaking recommendations. After that, strategies for implementing our plans, were explored, including potential resources, and partnerships.

Download the Workshop Presentation

Our partners at Northwest Regional Planning Commission will now take our worksheets and notes to generate a report to be used as a guidepost. As soon as we have the report we will post it here!

We hope to see everyone from these first events back to join their team members as we move forward with future events. If you didn’t make it to one of these meetings and would like to catch up, don’t hesitate to contact us.
For more info, contact Bruce Paulsen, Sawyer County/Lac Courte Oreilles EDC at 715-634-3618 or

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Hayward Placemaking Event – Held May 14th, 2019

We had a terrific turnout with 7 teams and over 60 people. We would like to thank our partners from Northwest Regional Planning Commission: Crystal Rohde, Clem Larson and  Jason Laumann. And our Placemaking “Head Coach” for the evening, Chris Straight, Senior Planner with West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.

Folks gathered together, learned about Placemaking, how to look at our public spaces in Hayward in new ways and consider how to make them “sticky”. Several exercises were completed, then, teams proceeded to our seven public locations around town. Innovative brainstorming began. Tons of ideas were expressed and a report will be generated from all the discussions. It was great fun and very inspiring to see people so motivated to improve upon our already wonderful community. (Photos: NWRPC, Desmonde Bennett, Jim Miller)

The “Nodes” or Public Spaces We Are Considering:

Lumberjack Bowl
City Beach
Downtown Hayward
The corner of HWYs 27 & 63
Sherman and Ruth Weiss Community Library and Trails
Hatchery Creek Park
Shue’s Pond
In this exercise – everyone was asked to place a dot next to the word or phrase that best describes how they want people to see Hayward.
Where would you place your dot?

More events will be scheduled this year.

Join us on this exciting adventure.

More info…What is Placemaking?


Placemaking is the planning, design, and management of public spaces.


Placemaking involves listening to and asking questions of the people who live, work, and play in a particular space to determine their needs and aspirations.


Placemaking is figuring out how to connect spaces in a community to bring people together.

So what is a “Sticky” Space?

A “sticky” space or place has amenities or qualities that cause people to want to return over and over. It is such an enjoyable environment, they find it hard to stay away.

And that is what our Placemaking adventure is all about. Taking a few great public spaces around Hayward and coming up with ideas to make them “sticky”. Want to help? Everyone is welcome. This journey continues with more dates to come.

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